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This is a Metroidvania with fast-paced combat and challenging platforming!

PLEASE contact me on twitter if there is any issue with running the game, or if you find gamebreaking bugs.
Also feel free to give me feedback through twitter or if you have any questions about the game : https://twitter.com/BastiArtGames

If you have a Save from a previous version, just put the save01 file in the same folder as the new version. (Saves before Version 0.0180 will cause bugs)

Update Info

Version 0.0185

- Added Boss HP Bars.
- Changed the Colors of Greencap.
- Adjustments the graphics of Mushmovers.
- Changed the Color of Greencaps sword.
- Moved the first Save-Shrine.
- Improved the graphics of Save-Shrines.
- Fixed bug with Pause Menu being wrongly sized.

Version 0.0184

- Fixed a bug where Hurt animation would get canceled (hopefully)
- Redesigned some Level Design & added a new hidden Room/path.
- Fixed some graphical bugs.

Version 0.0183

- Fixed a bug where you would get stuck in you pressed Left and Right really fast.
- Fixed a bug where the sword would double attack sometimes.
- Improved the graphics of some Relics and Items.
- Added a hidden wall for a Mindshroom in Color Caverns.
- Added new rewards for the "End Demo" item.
- Added description when picking up the 'Jump Stone Crystal'
- Added a fade effect on Greencap when you have the Jump Stone Crystal.

Version 0.0180

- Added a new brand boss you will have to beat before entering Color Caverns.
- Added new Sections & Secrets to the world.
- New Inventory system.
- New introduction to the story at the beginning of the game.
- Adjusted many rooms.
- Adjusted some graphics.
- Fixed a bug with Boss Barriers.
- Probably something more..

Version 0.0177

- Increased the duration of invincibility frames when hit.
- Reduced the time to Heal.
- Decreased the cost of Healing to 30mp.
- Improved some paralax scrolling in some rooms.
- Adjusted the level design in some rooms.
- Added a new form of "Bounce-Arrow" that acts like a Spike when hit, but can't hurt you.
- "Bouce-Arrows" now reset your Dash/High Jump.

Version 0.0175

- Tweaked the Bouncy Spore spell.
- Tweaked the "Big Meatball" boss.
- Made the 'Evil Eye Queen' follow grown Bouncy Spores.
- Added Boss barriers before Boss-Rooms that heal you to full HP.
- Fixed Bug with 'Evil Eye Queen' where she would not initiate the scream and projectiles Animation.
- Tweaked various Rooms.
- Added a description when picking up some Items.
- Fixed bug where pressing X on pause screen with Keyboard will cast spell.
- Improved some Graphics in Color Caves.
- Added a light effect to Bounce Flowers in 'Deep Grotto'

Version 0.0172

- Adjustments to Butterfly Enemy's movement.
- Added some details to some Rooms in 'Deep Grotto'
- Fixed Projectile Graphics for Boss in Blue Fortress.
- Fixed where a hidden wall would overlap the player in 'Deep Grotto'
- Made the Dash-Arrows more visible and vibrant.
- Tweaked graphics of the wooden log in 'Deep Grotto'
- Swapped rewards for two bosses.
- Removed the hidden wall in the second save room in Color Caverns (Make the game less cryptic)

Version 0.0171

- New graphics for Enemy gibs in 'Deep Grotto'.
- New Room in 'Deep Grotto'.
- Added Splash effect to Water.
- Fixed collisions with Butterflies so they can't pass through some objects like Water and more.
- Fixed bug where Dash Jump sound would not play sometimes.

Version 0.0170

- New starting Area 'Deep Grotto' with new enemies, platforming obstacles and secrets.
- Difficulty Option when starting a New Game.
- Abillity to Pause the game.
- 4th Camera option : Look-Ahead Camera.
- Tweaked the graphics for Breakable Walls.
- Changed Graphics for Breakable Platforms
- Tweaked areas in Color Caverns, made a lot of parts easier.
- Name of Blue Palace changed to Blue Fortress
- Tweaked areas in Blue Fortress.

Version 0.0160

- Improved some areas in Color Caverns making the game less frustrating in the opening areas.
- Reworked Screwking Boss so he telegraphs his attacks better.
- Made the Evil Eye Boss a tiny bit weaker.
- Fixed one of the Mindshrooms being bugged.
- Fixed where the Dash Jumpstone would fall down on Spikes after you kill boss.
- Fixed a bug with Dying & Killing a boss at the same time would result in powerup disappearing if you had Respawn Charges (hopefuly fixed)
- Reworked some Sound Effects & Added in some new ones.

Version 0.0158

- Fixed a bug where you get stuck on the "Thank you for playing Demo" screen with a controller.
- Rebalanced some areas in Blue Palace.
- Fixed Respawn Charges being in front of Inventory Graphics.

Version 0.0157

- Added Respawn Charge feature, where when you die now you respawn in the same room you died in as long as you have Respawn Charges.
- Changed the Deathscreen.
- Added a look down Camera feature by pressing the Right Thumbstick down. (Works only on Controllers for now)
- Change to how 'Projectile Dash' Relic works.
- Some changes to the aesthetics of one of the Boss Rooms.


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Hello everyone,

Currently played this great indie game and I had a blast with it.  I am enjoying the graphics attention to details on levels and the colour schemes. It really attracts attention and focuses it on the protagonist.

I also am enjoying the music and gameplay controls are easy to work out.

I would love to see variety in monsters and enemies but I am sure that will be added at a later date.

What are your thoughts on the game?

Thank you for trying it out here and supporting the indie game.


(2 edits)

- The jumping  ability of the protagonist is too low

- Can you make the key buttons customizable ?

- I suggest that the game levels have some random objects, items and ground objects parts (not necessarily procedural generation) 

The jumping height is by design, and there are upgrades to it.

Yes customizable keybinds will come.

Game graphics are being worked on all the time. No randomness will be added, this is a hard-crafted gameworld.

(1 edit)

I seem to be having an issue with the game. It's running at maybe half the speed I see in the trailer and twitter gifs. It's not running chunky or anything, just in slow motion.

(I couldn't send you a private message on twitter, so replying here.)

oh i see. That is really weird i have opened my dms on twitter if you wanna talk there. I'll probably need some details on your speccs/computer. Have not heard about this issue before :o

I have a 1600x900, 60hz monitor.
Intel i5 3570 CPU
Intel HD 4000 graphics

I'm happy to test or check other things. I'm wondering if it expects a 144hz monitor or something. It's possible my computer just can't handle it, though in that case I'd expect it to be chunky/laggy, not smooth slow motion.

Nah does not expect a 144hz monitor, game is locked to 60fps. Hmm yeah it might be possible your computer is too slow but yeah i'd expect it to run choppy rather than slow motion. Although there might be something else responsible. I'll have to some research and testing. Let me know if there is anything else of what you think might be responsible, software related perhaps. You running win10?

OK. Ah, I forgot that, I'm on Win 7. Hmm, unless the game is just slower than I think it should be or the trailer is fast (there's not much plain walking around in it anyway).

I timed a bit, maybe you can verify, it took 11-12 seconds to walk between these two points.

Hmm, maybe it's just a weird issue with my computer. I started recording with ScreenToGif and the game suddenly started running faster! It only took ~9 sec to walk that room. Weird. I'll check if my graphics driver can be updated, but I don't think so.

I don't suppose there's a secret hotkey to toggle an FPS counter, is there? Is the game framerate-dependent? (does it make sense that everything would move slower at a lower framerate?)

Yeah the game is framerate dependant, although it should still be choppy instead of slow-motion when running at a low framerate (i think). I might have fixed the issue for future builds though. If you have an email i can send you the latest build and you can try it out. Btw those two points should take like 6 seconds to walk to :O.. So you are probably not imagining the game running slower.

I tried to kill the flying head boss and didn't make it) I can't say it's very interesting. The most viable tactic is to stand on one side and flower-boost to him once in a while, but because the boss has a lot of HP you get bored by it. You make some mistakes, use all your heals, till next healing charge you need to make another 15 hits, you die and start all over. You get bored with it and try to be agressive, but it's not that fun too.  You have to wait too long for a good timing to jump. Also, you get hurt, when touching the boss, which I think is not good, because you have to be as close as possible and you can't controll the movement properly when flower-boosted. So you get hit, lose your healing charges and at some point you die.  

The current design makes you act passive and safe, because you are too afraid of restarting the battle from the beginning because of some frustrating mistake and because you have only 1 HP left.  The battle becomes too long and it's not fun. You don't even feel, when it's close to the end, the boss enters rage mode and that's it. Absence of HP bar makes you constantly guess, if you're almost done or not. It's okay, when the battle is fast, but here it is not.

yeah thanks for the comment, sorry you found the battle hard or boring. I find the boss pretty easy and he's beatable under 2min. And he becomes even easier if you got the dash jump upgrade. Bur thanks for the comment.


It's an interesting problem, when creating a game. The creator himself knows the game so well, that he can beat it fast and effective, also he knows what to expect and the initial idea of the level and how it's supposed to be played. However, when someone plays the first time everything instantly becomes surprising and the newcomer does not understand the game that good. 

(1 edit)

Yeah i know.  But previous feedback ive gotten for this boss has been positive. As a creator i have to be selective with the feedback i get. I already changed the start of the game for you because you gave up after max 10min playing the game & without exploring the 3 first rooms you had access to. Now you find the boss uninspiring and gave up there to. I have to choose who this game is for, and maybe this game is not for the impatient player. This game is very much for players that want a challenge and enjoy exploring, maybe i don't have enough data from players and you are right and for that time will tell. But i appreciate the feedback and will think about what you've said. Thanks.

(4 edits)

I didn't want to say that your game is bad, but I think that I need to tell you what I think, because it's a way to get a better understanding of what the game is to other people. 

Actually, I am not impatient. I ran around those 3 rooms for another 5 minutes, tried jumping all around, hitting grey things on walls. It's just really strange to put the room you need to go to behind a secret wall 2 rooms away from the sword that can break it. In my view, explorering is not about finding where to go in the first place, but in finding something optional, but interesting. Also, challenge is a hard thing to manage, because it has to be fair and fun. Challenge for the sake of challenge is a very specific thing. The games like I wanna be the Boshi show that. 

The first boss indeed has challenge, maybe it's fair. You always see the projectiles, you see when the attack comes, the enemy does not do something truly unexpected. It's good. However, when it comes to fun, yes, it's a subjective thing and one man thinks the game is fun, the other does not, but I guess, that there are some things that shouldn't be done. 

For example, what is the idea of a boss. You face someone, who challenges player's skills. The skills, which can be tested in your game at that point are jumping over obstacles, striking enemies, spike boosting, flower boosting. You actually use all of those in there, but a player chooses a tactic that looks optimal for how the game is designed. Here you restart the level on death, you have only 2 chances to make a mistake (3 HP), the character has a big hitbox, the jump is low, you don't see the enemy's HP bar and you get hurt when touching the enemy. All of these design choices are completely neutral, no problem. The thing is that the player knows  them, so he faces a boss. It shoots projectiles up and down cutting the arena in half, it's scary to jump between them, because you character is big and it has low jump and no double jump, which means low mobility. Then the boss hurts you on touch, but you have to jump right into it. Again, you are afraid, because you'll lose 1/3 of your health, if you make a mistake, but the game does not reward you for risk. Yes, you get agressive and attack, but you have no idea if it's profitable, you don't see the HP bar and you can only make 1-2 hits at once.

For example, in Bloodborne you can get your health back if you get agressive, it's risky, but you know the mechanic. In addition, you will just lose all the stamina trying to pick a perfectly safe timing for attacking and you want the enemy to be killed fast. In XCOM you can get your troops closer to enemies, behind their back. It's risky, enemies have a better chance to kill your ally, but it's worth it, because YOU get a chance to kill enemies more effectively. However, in that boss fight there's no reason to move fast. You can just think like, nah, I can wait, no haste, the boss will get closer himself and I'll get a perfect precise hit, no risk. The motivation is in the player himself, if he likes fast gameplay and taking risks, but the game itself does not motivate you to play as intended. Boost from spikes, taking every single attack window, moving from one part of the arena to another. Why would you do that, when it's really safe to stay in place and wait, you don't want to restart the battle, when you feel like it will be long. Maybe, it's a boring way to play, but it works. It's like camping in multiplayer shooters. You can say that all people are different and have different playstyles, but camping is not intended, the game doesn't make players be active and this playstyle is optimal for highscore and getting a killstreak. I think the game should be made so, that it stimulates using the most fun playstyle or the intended one.

It's my personal opinion, don't take it too serious, I just like thinking about that kind of things. Anyway, I like your game in general)

P.S. I guess when a game forces a certain playstyle, a player instantly knows, if the game is for him or not. In other case, you struggle, but it works out reasonably well, so you continue.

Yeah thanks. I really appreciate the feedback, i truly believe feedback and game testing is needed to make a great game. However, you say you spent 5 extra minutes exploring but you did not see the wall cracking, smoking and making a sound by itself. I agreed on your last feedback and changed the game design and i thought it was an improvement. However i don't really understand your complaints, not every boss is gonna be the same in this game. This boss tests patience and exploiting small windows of attack and precise platforming, and most of all playing carefully. If you don't like that there are 3 other bosses you can beat before that boss and get upgrades that makes it easier and faster to kill this boss. However instead of exploring the game more you go directly to the creator for help, i can't guide you through every part of the game and I can't help you if you don't find the game fun or a specific boss fun. Everbody will always enjoy different bosses in games and each boss will test different types of player skill. I don't believe in dumbing down games or catering to how the masses play games. This game is for a specific type of gamer looking for a specific type of challenge. I already know most people will not find this game fun as it is a hard precision based platformer that challenges you in many skillsets. But yet again, thanks and i'll keep in mind what you have said.


I like the visuals, very cute game. Controls are good, bouncing flowers are fun, music is peaceful and does not bore you. 

thank you! 

The First part is too difficult for beginner players, maybe try to make colour cavern a bit easier?

I did try to make it a bit easier in the new patch. Do you know what exactly is hard about it though, like what parts did you die at? Also in the full game the Color Caverns won't be the first area of the game and i'm already planning on making a much bigger starting area before that. thanks for the feedback!

The difficult parts were, trying to get the leaf sword, and those blue orbs

ah i see. I already made that part easier, and a new update coming with a new first boss and lots more :). Thanks for the feedback!